Boric Acid Is The Humane Solution To Any Infestation

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Boric acid is an odorless, non-volatile powder that is considered a safer than most other chemical pesticides. In its natural form Boric acid exists as a salt called borate,which can become a very effective insecticide that is be used as either a powder, bait, or is applied to building substances.It is considered one of the oldest inorganic compounds known to treat pests’ problems and is proven in the long-term treatment of Cockroaches, Water bugs, Ants, and Termites. Boric acid only works after being digested an attacks their nervous systems as well as drying out their exoskeletons. While boric acid is relatively ineffective on humans, it is still unsafe to directly inhale and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Boric Acid And Bait

One way to use Boric acid is to mix the powder form with sugar or flour to make roach baits. After mixing it you should put the solution into small containers, but don’t close them as you want insects to have easy access. Place the bait in high and hidden areas and eventually the roaches will track the mixture back to their nest and kill all of the invaders over time. The acid powder can also eliminate ant problems. Use boric acid and sugar to make an ant killing solution and then place the solution in any area where you believe there is ant activity in your home. The worker ants will carry the boric acid back to the queen and the entire colony will be eliminated. However make sure that you do not over saturate baits with boric acids because this will make the mixture distasteful, thereby defeating its insecticide purpose.

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Boric Acid And Wood

Boric acid is also used in dealing with the infestation termites. Lumber yards began using Boric acid on their wood for use in termite infested areas around 1950s because lumber treated with the acid is very resistant to termites. As a testament to this treatments ability, ever since boric acid began being used in wood treatment, there are little to no instances of a home built with it ever having to deal with a termite infestation or experiencing wood decay. Luckily Boric acid is relatively inexpensive despite its effectiveness as a termite eliminator. You can find some in most drug stores and home improvement chains. The best way to use the boric acid on termites is as bait. To do so get some wood or other cellulose heavy material and treat it with boric acid, and bury it in the ground near the infestation. Once the termites take the bait, workers will bring the boric acid back to the colony and eventually kill it off.


Boric acid is one of the safest and most effective ways of disposing and treating pests’ problems with relative ease and relative safety. The reason why Boric acid is so poisonous to bugs but almost harmless to most other animals is an unexplained yet very welcome inclusion in the fight against infestations in our homes. Whether you are using boric acidic products or making your own solutions, Boric acid will always be a helpful tool in defeating the bug menace.

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