Wholesale Perfume How To And Methods

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Submitted by: Raymond Nwambuonwo

I remember trying to buy someone special her favorite perfume but the price almost gave me heart attack. I pondered for awhile if I should break the bank for the gift or find something less expensive. But my research exposed a section of the perfume business that is not well known – wholesale perfume.

Your first action is to locate a wholesale perfume outlet. Check out wholesaleperfume (info) and browse through the huge listing of wholesale perfume stores. The two biggest perfumes stores on online are Perfume worldwide located in Plainview, New York with over 6,000 products and Fragrance. net located in Hauppauge, New York with over 10,000 products. You might also find other stores online that offer wholesale prices.

Team Up With Friends and Family

Probably the best way to buy wholesale perfume is to find friends and family members and then team up with them to buy perfumes in bulk since the best wholesale price is for bulk purchase. The more you buy, the more you save.

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Another more profitable option is to contact the two listed perfume stores or others you might know that sale at wholesale prices and ask about their Affiliate program. This is the kind of program whereby you get sometimes better than wholesale prices without having to buy in bulk.

Create a business name and contact the two listed stores and inquire about the affiliate program. Now your first sale will be to yourself and your friends and family members.

The requirements are not hard to meet and when approved you’ll be given access to another section of the stores website to view the below wholesale prices. This can become a very profitable side business if you so desire.

With this method, I was able to buy most fragrances at least 60% off regular price. If you decide to make this a side business, use a markup of at least 20% to 30% above your wholesale price. Trust me, your prices will still be cheaper than most department stores and perfume store retailers.

Please watch out for perfumes stores that advertise wholesale prices and are charging you full retail. Also some perfume brands have main distribution points. Those brands will be cheaper at the main wholesale store than any where else.

Be sure to pay attention to the sizes advertised. It is not uncommon to get 4 ounces while expecting 5 ounces. Remember all online perfume stores enlarge their perfume bottles to better reflect on their website.

Do you know what perfume you would like and want? Start your search online and you might be shocked at some of the discounts offered. Most online perfume stores can almost give you wholesale perfume prices because of cheaper operating cost.

Pay close attention to the stores return policy and do make sure the store only offers original perfumes. Knock-offs is very common, but the store must let you know and the perfume will not have any brand packaging.

With all the insights and warnings now is the time to take off your shoes, turn on your computer and start your search for that special designer perfume. Now is the time to buy that special designer fragrance for your friend or a lover or just buy for yourself because you feel alive and very happy.

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