Mortgage Brokers Vs. Banks

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By John Kim

When it comes to searching for the right kind of mortgage to meet your needs, you will probably come across a decision about who you should borrow from: Do mortgage brokers or banks make better lenders?

A mortgage broker is a mediator that facilitates the process of acquiring a mortgage for individuals as well as businesses. Essentially, they are like home loan supermarkets. Their broad access to lenders as well as their wide offering of various programs makes them a convenient source of help for many borrowers. If you have less-than-perfect credit or are in unusual circumstances, mortgage brokers can still find you the type of funding you need. Mortgage brokers will charge a broker’s fee, which you should ask about and take into account when calculating your initial payments.

Mortgage brokers will typically originate, process, and pass the loan on to a lender who will subsequently sell it to an investor. They take commission and will have higher closing fees. Beware of gouging, as brokers have full discretion on how much they want to charge the borrower for processing the documents necessary for the loan.

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Today, about 20,000 mortgage brokerage operations account for more than 80% of mortgages are issued by mortgage brokers in the U.S. The convenience and resources they offer to borrowers is the key to their popularity.

The term ‘mortgage banker’ refers either to an individual loan officer who works at a bank or to the bank itself. They specialize in originating mortgages and selling them to investors and continue to service them. Both the origination and servicing processes require fees, which are the two primary sources of income for mortgage banks.

A key difference between mortgage banks and mortgage brokers is that banks have more of a standardized and set approach to setting fees. Bankers are told what fees to charge and are told not to stray away from them. This allows for more stability and prevents the borrower from being surprised when it comes to discovering what the fees for the home loan will be.

Now the question is which is the better option? The answer is quite simple: Whoever gets you the better deal. It should be noted that while some borrowers enjoy the comfort and help of having a mortgage banker see them through the life of their loan (though not all do), while others do not mind either way. This discernment, along with a thorough comparison of deals that you can get from mortgage brokers and bankers, should give you a fairly clear idea of which path to take.

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Muslim hair stylist sues hairdresser over alleged discrimination

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Friday, November 9, 2007 

British-born Muslim hair stylist Bushra Noah is currently undertaking legal action against the owner of a hair salon for alleged religious discrimination. Noah is suing London hair salon owner Sarah Desroiser. Desroiser who runs a salon in King’s Cross, has said that she would not accept Noah as a stylist if Noah’s hair was covered. Noah, like many devout Muslims keeps her hair covered in public places, believing it to be immodest otherwise.

Noah claims that her headscarf is a fundamental part of her religious beliefs and that wearing the scarf would not interfere in her carrying out the job at all. Desrosiers said that it is not discrimination but rather that “the essence of my line of work is the display of hair. To me, it’s absolutely basic that people should be able to see the stylist’s hair. It has nothing to do with religion. It is just unfortunate that for her covering her hair symbolises religion.” Desosiers added that she had worked with Muslims in the past and employs a Muslim accountant.

Noah claims that the state of her own hair is irrelevant to her ability to style others hair.

The last few years have seen a string of similar cases in Britain. Last year, there was a case over whether a British Airways employee could wear a prominent cross, and another case in which a teacher argued that she had a right to wear a Jilb?b (a traditional Islamic dress that covers almost the entire body) in the classroom. In that case, the teacher lost in the High Court.

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How Bloggers Make Money Writing For Various Platforms

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Submitted by: Christopher Granger

Blogging has become an incredible business model which has been used successfully by many to make substantial amounts of money. It started as a great past-time, but very soon many individuals realized the great money making potential this activity had. As a result, many websites have an area dedicated to blogging. Successful bloggers are in demand and there are various ways how bloggers can make money using their writing expertise.

Many bloggers make money writing material for their own blogs. After some research and looking at how other people are making money online, these individuals decide on one or more niche markets to focus on. They write all the material called posts, and upload these to the relevant areas on the blog site. Various services or products associated with the focus areas are made available via the relevant pages, and is used to generate income in this way.

Another way how bloggers make money is by searching the various blog and writing job boards. These are sites which employers use to advertise blogging opportunities. Any one interested in these positions can apply if they meet the job requirements. As many of these job or done online, many of them encourage people from all over the world to apply. Once selected for the job, an individual is often paid per project or per post.

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Once you are recognized as being knowledgeable in your niche area, then another interesting opportunity sometimes presents itself. This is the role of being a guest blogger. This may have two possible routes. A fellow colleague may ask you to write a post on a specific topic on their blog, and could even offer you some renumeration in return. Or approach prominent bloggers in the same focus area and suggest topics for a guest post. If they agree, this is often an opportunity to guest blog with an opportunity for earning some income.

Bloggers can also earn money by writing blogs for another party, but having the content hosted on their own blog. The person requesting the blog space will provide the topics and write specifications. All that is required from you is to do the necessary research, write the blog and place it on your blog. Both parties gain, The requester gets a blog written and some extra exposure, and the writer gets some income in return.

Some companies offer great opportunities for bloggers willing to promote their products or services. The promotional reviews that are written will either get posted on the companies blog or they might request that it gets posted onto the writers blog. This is another way of how bloggers make money online.

Blogging have great money making potential. All that is expected is that the individual is able to write content that is clear and easy to understand. Armed with this skill, there are many platforms which bloggers are able to use to expose their work and earn some money online as well.

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USPTO partially confirms validity of Amazon “1-click patent”

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007 

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an office action, which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the Amazon 1-Click patent, US 5,960,411. The patent examiner, however, rejected claims 1 to 5 and 11 to 15. Amazon now has up to six months to amend the rejected claims to overcome the examiner’s rejection, provide arguments to demonstrate that the examiner is in error and/or provide evidence to demonstrate the patentability of their claims. During this period, the entire patent is still considered valid under US patent law.

The USPTO is reconsidering the patentability of the claims due to a request for reexamination filed by New Zealander Peter Calveley. Mr. Calveley used internet archives to show that defunct company Digi Cash used a similar technique prior to Amazon. Despite costing a substantial sum of cash and requiring donations to prepare and file the request for reexamination, Calveley said he did it as a game and hopes that his success inspires others to play the same game.

“One Click” shopping is an ecommerce technique, which allows a customer to purchase products via the Internet without repeatedly entering personal information such as name and address. At the time it was introduced it eased the frustration of on-line shopping.

Amazon filed the patent application for 1-click shopping in early 1997 and was granted the patent in September 1999. 23 days later Amazon sued rival Barnes & Noble for alleged infringement by its “Express Lane” ordering which was introduced in 1998. In December 1999 Amazon won an interim injunction against Barnes & Noble but the USA Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit lifted this injunction in February 2001. The parties then settled their dispute for undisclosed terms. Amazon has since successfully licensed the technique to other e-sellers such as Apple.

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‘Criminal in uniform’: Senior London policeman jailed for attempting to frame Iraqi

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Monday, February 8, 2010 

Commander Ali Dizaei of London’s Metropolitan Police Service today became the most senior officer anywhere in the United Kingdom to be convicted of offences by a court. Dizaei, who was branded a “criminal in uniform” by Independent Police Complaints Commission chair Nick Hardwick, has been jailed for four years after he attempted to frame an Iraqi businessman.

It took a Southwark Crown Court jury under three hours to find Dizaei guilty of misconduct in a public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice. The charges carried a maximum of life imprisonment.

Dizaei, 47, who is head of the National Black Police Association, had gone to the Yas Persian restaurant, run by one of his friends, and taken his wife Shy with him. They then went to their car and struck up a conversation through its open window with the restaurant’s manager. During this conversation they were approached by Waad al-Baghdadi, an Iraqi website designer in his twenties. He requested that Dizaei pay £600 that he owed Baghdadi, who had constructed his website.

According to the Crown, this dispute had been ongoing for months and Dizaei had been attempting to intimidate Baghdadi. He told the Iraqi to depart when he entered the restaurant; although the businessman did, he stayed nearby and rang the 999 emergency number.

The exact content of the argument that led up to this is unclear. Dizaei and his wife testified that Baghdadi was abusive and threatening, telling the officer he would “extract the money out of your throat” while the owner of the Yas said he was “a crook basically… His history … everybody knows he’s not a good gentleman,” said owner Sohrab Eshragi. Eshragi said that the request Baghdadi leave the premises was due to concerns of trouble, claiming Baghdadi had been in a previous fight. Baghdadi denied the allegations and the court rejected Dizaei’s version of events.

While Baghdadi was making his emergency call, Dizaei arrested him and made a 999 call of his own. He requested assistence from other officers, and said that Baghdadi had assaulted him by stabbing his stomach with a shisha pipe. He maintained this account when police arrived and kept it up in written statements, but although Baghdadi was found to be carrying such a pipe examination of Dizaei’s wounds by a police doctor concluded he had inflicted them upon himself.

A Home Office pathologist questioned this finding for the defence. Dr. Nat Cary said it was based on a “fundamentally flawed approach,” and that the injuries were consistent with Dizaei’s version of events. He has helped investigate the assassination of former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto, and the death newspaper seller Ian Thomlinson, the latter of whom died during a G20 protest.

The Crown further alleged that Dizaei told Baghdadi “I’ll fuck your life… You think I don’t know what you do in London… I’ll find every single detail of your life in London.” The prosecution case was presented by Peter Wright QC, who has prosecuted in trials over serial murders of Suffolk sex workers and a plot to bomb transatlantic airliners. He said that Dizaei’s actions were a “wholesale abuse of power by a senior police officer for entirely personal and oblique motives.”

Judge Justice Simon said that Dizaei had committed a “grave breach of public trust” and told him “This sentence needs to send a clear message that police officers of whatever rank are not above the law.” A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said outside the court that “He abused his power and ignored his responsibility,” and that while corruption was unacceptable in any police officer it was particularly so in a senior member of the forces. “The public should have confidence that we will prosecute anyone, regardless of their position, if they commit serious offences. We believe justice has been served for the victim and the public.”

“[I]f he [Dizaei] had been successful, Mr al-Baghdadi may have been sent to prison,” noted Hardwick. “Mr al-Baghdadi has shown tremendous strength of character throughout this case ? from the moment he was confronted by Ali Dizaei, throughout our investigation, and finally when giving evidence at court. We are grateful for the confidence he placed in the IPCC and, as a result of that, justice has been done today.”

Dizaei has been a policeman for 24 years, and at one stage was rumoured to be destined to take control of the Metropolitan Police, although the Metropolitan Police Authority may now choose to end this career. His trial, which began this month, is his second this decade. He was prosecuted in 2003 but cleared of any wrongdoing. The incident with Baghdadi was in June 2008 and Dizaei has been suspended on full pay since September of that year. Hardwick said that “The greatest threat to the reputation of the police service is criminals in uniform like Dizaei.”

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Scientology website hacked

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 

The Church of Scientology’s European website was hacked and defaced earlier today by hackers claiming to be members of Anonymous. Anonymous proponents previously hacked Scientology’s main website, The group also protested the church in February 2008.

Another website run by the church,, was also hacked and defaced. The hacked websites contain content taken from, a website critical of Scientology which lists members of the Church who are alleged to have died while in its care. Anonymous has stated that was not involved in the hacking, but the hackers merely used content from their website.

This is not the first time hackers have defaced Scientology websites. In January 2008, ‘Anonymous’ hacked the Church’s international website by using a denial-of-service attack. The attack caused the website to be inaccessible for nearly 24 hours.

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The Emergence Of Concrete Form Liners In Architecture

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The Emergence of Concrete Form Liners in Architecture


Chris Robertson

More and more architects, engineers and contractors are using concrete not only as a structural construction material, but also as a means of architectural art and expression.

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They accomplish this by skillfully adding a textures and patterns to the normally featureless surface of the concrete. Creating these effects requires proper use of the concrete form liners that serve as a secondary mold inside the primary structural forming systems and impose the chosen patterns onto the curing concrete. The results can be stunning and add a whole new dimension to architectural and engineering design.

What this means is that formliners are assuming a more important role in the overall design and construction process. Architects, engineers and builders must know formliner properties and what types of form liner to use for a given project. They must know where to look for specific formliners patterns, how to specify the proper liners for different substructures, and how to build formliners into the overall scheduling and procurement process. This may sound easy, but it is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced as part of professional training.

While formliners provide an artistic means of expression, the use of them requires detailed and specific knowledge. An architect may have to decide between using single-use polystyrene formliners that are discarded and multi-use ABS formliners that can be used up to ten times or more. He or she may have to decide whether to use a plastic formliner, an urethane formliner, or a premium elastomeric type that combines resilience and high tensile strength. Picking one or the other means trade-offs between durability, quality and cost, and can thus have a significant impact on budgets.

Learning how to best use formliners requires not only training and experience, but also teamwork and cooperation with the chosen formliner maker. Selecting one may be via bidding process or simply working with a company that offers a suitably large product selection and the desired level of service. A good formliner company will be able to generate custom tooled patterns when a specified design is not commercially available. They will also have trained staff capable of interpreting complex contract plans and producing detailed shop drawings. Being able to adhere to production schedules and costs is mandatory for a formliner company, as is making sure that all their products meet Department of Transportation specs. Formliner makers are also called upon to provide expert advice on proper trimming, attachment to formwork, optimal placement of ties, and the use of rustications at joints to for a continuous, cohesive look.

If you’re in the construction industry and seek to make use of concrete form liners, keep the above in mind when selecting a company to work with. If you’re not very familiar with formliners, check out one of the available catalogs to get an idea of the wealth of textures and patterns available. Whether it’s brick, block, rock, wood grain, flutes or fins, it’s all available in numerous looks and designs, and new patterns are being added all the time. Concrete used to have a reputation as a stark, drab construction material. Thanks to formliners, that is no longer the case.Chris Robertson

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Reports: Design flaw caused Minneapolis, Minnesota bridge to collapse

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Thursday, August 9, 2007 

Investigators say that flaws in the design of the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota may have caused it to collapse and that the design flaw is not “unique” to the Minneapolis bridge.

According to an ongoing investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the flaw was found in the steel plates connected to girders, which are large support beams used in construction and connect the plates together. It is reported that extra stress from construction equipment might have caused the plates to separate, causing the bridge to collapse.

The flaw has not yet been confirmed to be the source of the disaster, and the NTSB says that the investigation could take several months to fully be completed.

At least six people were killed and at least eight are missing, whilst over 100 are injured after the bridge collapsed on August 1.

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Fires burn across eastern Australia amid summer heatwave

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Sunday, January 13, 2013 

Despite earlier cooler weather, heatwave conditions are expected to resume in New South Wales, Australia. Local weather service forecasts expect temperatures to rise above 40°C (104°F), as-experienced earlier in the week. The percentage of uncontained fires jumped as high as 20%. On Friday, local fire authorities have declared total fire bans across Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Fire crews at the east coast of Australia are readying to battle an increased rate of bushfires during the weekend.

Uncontrolled fires have also been burning across the states of Tasmania, Victoria, and Queensland.

Extremely hot weather and strong winds played havoc with the fires early in the week. A minor change in the weather assisted crews on Thursday but the high temperatures are set to return on Friday and through the weekend.

Thirty devastating fires in Tasmania are now being controlled after burning 130 properties and 110,000 hectares of land throughout the past week.

In Victoria there are two significant fires being fought with several others now under control but concerns remain for the weekend with the temperature forecast to rise to 42°C in the north of the state.

Queensland firefighters continued to battle fires north of of the capital Brisbane on Bribie Island, with at least 22 fires still burning throughout the state.

New South Wales has 120 fires burning as of Friday with 370,000 hectares of land, 10,000 livestock and one property already destroyed.

Deputy Commissioner of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Rob Rogers briefed reporters on the bushfires at the Rural Fire Service Headquarters on Friday.

“They are very large, all either in excess or very close to 10,000 hectares (and) in some cases 100 kilometres of fireline. That’s an awful lot of fireline for firefighters to monitor and obviously that’s going to be troubling over today and particularly tomorrow when it will be even hotter.”

One fire at Dean’s Gap in New South Wales had authorities concerned due to its proximity to an old military range that contains unexploded ordinances at Tianjara plateau. Firefighters have used earth moving equipment to create containment lines and specialised gel to protect the range.

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Frenchman climbs skyscraper in 20 minutes without any equipment

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010  File:FrenchSpiderMan HongKong.jpg

48-year old Alain Robert, affectionately known as the ‘French Spiderman’, has climbed a 57-storey {[w|Sydney}} skyscraper without any equipment in 20 minutes. The purpose of Alain Robert’s actions was to raise awareness of global warming. Following the previous like events in other cities, he was arrested and will possibly be fined.

When Robert was 12, he climbed eight storeys to get into his flat instead of waiting for his parents to return. Since then, he has climbed over eighty buildings around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, The New York Times building, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. His hobby has, however, led to him being arrested and fined on multiple occasions—he was fined USD 750 after climbing the 41-storey Royal Bank of Scotland building in central Sydney.

His most recent climb, which he completed in twenty minutes, began at the bottom of the Lumiere building in Bathurst Street at 10:30am AEST on Monday morning. About 100 passers-by gathered to watch Robert, dressed in red trousers, a grey top, and a baseball cap, climb the building. Eleven-year-old Rachel Pepper was surprised when he saw Robert, who suffers from permanent vertigo after two accidents in 1982. “I think it’s amazing to climb that high without falling. He’s got superhuman strength.” His mother Wendy Pepper agreed, “It was a nice surprise when we turned the corner and got to see him.”

Upon reaching the top of the building, the Frenchman unfurled a banner advertising the website of The One Hundred Months campaign, which argues that 100 months after August 2008, climate change will reach an irreversible point, as onlookers applauded his feat. Robert was subsequently taken into custody at the top of the skyscraper, and charged with trespassing. Robert was granted conditional bail to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on Friday. Robert’s agent, Max Markson, described the climb as a “wonderful achievement. He’s the best at what he does. I’m sad he’s been arrested, but hopefully he’ll get out soon.”

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